Revenge Class BB

Cost - Nationality

910,000 credits - RN

Required Level

Level 56



Maximum Displacement

33,000 tons




The Revenge

The Revenge Class (Level 56) is a step above the Heavy Cruiser Group and the most junior of the Royal Navy’s Battleship Group. It is in-between the CA County and the Battleship Queen Elizabeth Class.

It has two major gun slots in the front and in the rear, you can mount 2 barrel guns of 15” diameter.

It can carry up to 5 scout planes.

General characteristicsEdit

First of all, the Revenge class is a battleship designed for blitzkrieg battles.

In blitzkrieg, it is not outgunned by any foe, it boasts massive damage combined with range surpasssing most other BB1s and armor protection capable of minimizing damage from lower caliber gunfire. Its only problem rests with the accuracy of its guns, but all lower level batleships suffer from this flaw.

The guns are extremely powerful with manual FCS system. On the other hand, with auto FCS, they are significantly worse, especially when dealing with smaller, faster enemies up close. The navigational detection range is quite limited, though. The reloading speed of its guns are satisfactory.

Maximum shooting angle of its 15 inch guns is 30 degrees. In GB2, it is usually outgunned by a superior battleship, but in blitzkrieg, it has the most powerful guns on the battlefield.

The maximum speed is 24 knots (On a BB1-Heavy Engine). It can sustain overheating. Usually, in a GB2, an attempt to retreat is futile after the first direct hit unless the larger attacking battleship is destroyed or moves to another target.

While the ship is well built and with proper armor reinforcements, it can sustain multiple attacks by cruisers and destroyers. However, it cannot sustained more than two concentrated gun fire or direct hit by superior battleships(BB3+)

Its ability to withstand a torpedo barrage is average. An experienced submarine operator can sink a Revenge Class in about three hits.

Its antiaircraft guns are quite ineffective, providing little protection. Then again, in its main area of combat, the smaller rooms of blitzkrieg, AA firepower is not nearly as important as in GB2.

Usually, in GB2, Revenge Class Battleship is not the favorite target of enemy planes in the first wave of attack (where they usually go after larger targets).

Tactical DeploymentEdit

Note: These Tactics were developed by a former Revenge user.

The Revenge Class should not be deployed as front-line attacking vessel. It has the best advantage to intercept slow cruisers and destroyers. So it is essentially a defensive element of a battle.

In fact the success of this battleship is little to do with personal ability. The outcome of the battle is usually determined by how effective a team can deploy its airplanes and torpedoes in a concentrated fashions to eliminate opposing battleships in the first strike. (See Standard Tactics of Battle)

Therefore, the best tactic is to play defensive to survive till your team gain that tactical edge. Then deploy the Revenge Class battleship for an offensive attack. The ship may be sunk by defensive airplane attacks or submarine ambush, but you are usually on the winning side.

On the other hand, once when your team has less than 3 to 4 battleships than the opposing team, the battle outcome is usally determined. Any retreating maneuver is just prolong to ultimate sinking of the ship. It is a waste of time to do anything, so I would recommend a suicide attack (with guns and torpedoes blazing) to divert enemy fleet formations.

In Great Battles, a favorable enemy tactic is to shoot a large number of torpedoes in the beginning of the battle. The Revenge should fall back. In case it is within the range of incoming torpedoes, the best coping mechanism is to navigate toward incoming torpedoes and sail through a gap at medium speed. Running from it can cause more damages because the detonation will hurt the ship (due to splash damage) and more over it is more difficult to anticipate the torpedo's gap.

Even though the Revenge Class is not the favorite target of enemy planes in the first wave of attack (which usually goes after larger targets), it is advisable to sail close to a ship with strong antiaircraft guns for protection.

Since it seldom engages enemy ships in close range, the installation of torpedoes appears to be unnecessary. Rather use the spare displacement to strengthen the bulk and armor may be a better investment. But, torpedoes could be used to destroy targets (during a suicidal attack).

Maximizing Its AbilityEdit

The interplay of various Fire Control Systems, different shells, and various guns may help. If you have any combination suggestions, please place them under the next heading with your username

Possible Combinations of EquipmentEdit