The Kaiser

The Kaiser Class Battleship

Cost - Nationality

50 million Credits - KM

Required Level

Level 120


39,000 DP

Maximum Displacement

155,000 tons



The Kaiser Class Battleship - Kreigsmarine, is a BB6, strongest battleship tier in the game. Although it dominates smaller BBs, it is inferior next to most BB6s, only being equal to the Charlemagne class.


Its R slot space is 507, fitting the strongest Kriegsmarine guns the triple 20"s. Its T slot space is 90, and the Kasier mounts dual 5.3"s,, giving it huge anti-aircraft firepower. But the reason if its incapabilityof facing BB6s like the Queen Victoria class is not found in its firepower.

Armor and miscelaneous

The armor of the Kasier class is not quite as good as the Royal Navy armor, less can be fit on, not to mention its quality wich is about 20% worse then Royal Navy armor. That is the difference that decides fights as close and balanced as BB6 v BB6