Navyfield Concept Art1
NAVYField is a very complex game. The main objective is to get credits (the in-game money), points, and to level up your crew to get better ships, guns, and equipment.

Starting Out Edit

In NF (Navyfield) you will start out with nothing except some money and some points, which are viewable on the bottom-right of the screen.
Credits Points-Box

The Credits and Points Box

Like the one shown on the right. The only exception is that in the very beginning, you will have 500,000 of each. (Which later in the game is very little, compared to the cost of a Battleship/BB like Bismark). At level one, you will only be able to buy the Frigate-01. After you buy the Frigate, you should be presented with something like a "Start Mission" screen. After you start the mission, you will be tasked with destroying some unarmed frigates and some ships like it. After completing some missions like the "Starter BB Mission", you can do almost whatever you want. Such as go to a battle, or complete some other missions.

Level 12 and Nationalities Edit

Once one of your sailors reach level 12 (probably your Operator), you will find a screen where you will be able to select a nationality, giving you access to "National" ports, where you can buy more powerful weapons, guns, and ships. It is suggested that you find out about all the nations before selecting one. Here are the selectable nations:

Be Careful in Selecting your Nation, you CANNOT undo it!

(Key: <<Nation>>- <<First Ship>>)

After selecting your nation, you will be able to buy a ship. Buy the first one, and you will be able to go and sail all around the seas! Here you can learn about all the main types of battles in NAVYField.

Types of Battles Edit

In NAVYField, there are three main types of battle:

Blitzkrieg Edit

Also called the Blitz it is named after the infamous German tactic, these battles are open to all ships, except Submarines or an SS. The "flag" of this battle is green. This battle is between two sides of (mainly) Heavy Cruiser or below vessels. Some older players consider these battles on a lower tier than the Great Battles.

Great Battle 1&2 Edit

A Great Battle is a large battle between two sides of battleships and Aircraft Carriers, like the Bismark Class, De Grasse Class, Lion II Class, and the Europa Class. On each side there are many assorted supporting ships. In a Great Battle, credits, points, and experience are given equally, with participation or not. Which is something many users don't like, because of many players just hanging on for the ride, while they do all the work. All classes of ships are allowed in.

Great Battle 1 Edit

The original Great Battle is a battle between two sides for naval supremacy. Ships battle till the timer runs out or the opposing team is eliminated.

Great Battle 2 Edit

In a Great Battle 2, you battle to protect your flagship (the most powerful ship on your team), and there are two outcomes:

  • Your Flagship is sunk, so you get five minutes to launch a counter-attack and destroy the enemy fleet, to get a bonus.
  • Your team sinks the enemy flagship and the enemy launches a counter-attack. You must defend against the counter-attack for five minutes or else your team will lose. If you destroy the enemy fleet, you will get a bonus.

Other Battles Edit