Armor is a defensive plating of metal that costs credits to apply. When you have armor, the armor lowers the amount of damage that is inflicted when a shell hits your ship. There are four types of armor, all of which will be explained here.

Armor Types Edit

There are four armor types: Deck Armor, Belt Armor, Bulge, and Bulkhead.

Deck Armor Edit

The Deck Armor is an armor that protects aasdgainst long-range shells. Many battleships and other kinds of ships stock up on this armor so they are not sunk by plunging capitol ship shells.

Belt Armor Edit

The Belt Armor is an armor that protects against short-range shells. So if you are a short-range dueler, stock up on belt armor!

Bulge Edit

The Bulge is and armor used to absorb damage inflicted by torpedoes. Unlike the other armors, the bulge is a armor that is destroyed when a torpedo hits it. If there are enough torpedo hits your bulge will be gone forever (until you repair it in the shipyard).

Bulkhead Edit

The Bulkhead is an armor that's purpose is to lower the amount of speed that decreases when you are damaged. The bulkhead is a armor that does not absorb/dent damage.

Suggested Use of Armor Edit