The Amagi class was to be the sucseccor to the yamato class if you search amagi up it will tell you about battlecruisers but the Amagi in Navyfield is one of Japans many plans that could not be fufilled Amagi super Battleship. There specifications are not fully known but they had 15 x 20.1 inch turrets 5x3 which made them even outclass the non-nuclear warships of the 1950s. These ships on the battlefield can destroy every and anything in the battlefield its huge guns also allow it to destroy over non-gold BB's in one or two hits. To kill these monster ships they must be outnumbered at 5:1 BB's at least or can be taken out with multiple squadrons or Torpedo or Dive Bombers. Submarines can do massive damage to the Amagi but because of the range a sub must be far away or very close so it can avoid being hit 1 hit can make a sub sink.

By Pal